Where the heart is exercised equally with the head

Jolly O, top of the evenin’ govna! I am back after a two-month hiatus — and what better topic to write on than my first few months in Medical school. It has truly been a jam-packed schedule the past couple of weeks, what with the influx of knowledge on anatomy…

The Pride of Lions get undone by the ghosts of the past in the Euro 2020 final.

“THAT’S MONEY!!” When Luke Shaw gave England the lead with a banger just under two minutes, shouts of elation rang across my house. Was it finally coming home?

Yet, a more dystopian mood would soon take over England — befitting of the miserable, gloomy weather that loomed over Wembley. England…

For which should we work towards?

Everybody wants to be happy. Every ticking second. Yet, very few of us think about what it means to be happy, and so most of us probably don’t even know what happiness is all about. Today, we examine the nuanced differences between happiness and satisfaction. Which is more important? Will…

It’s possible to procrastinate constructively

Not shaving your facial hair really has no implications in improving one’s productivity, no. They’re two independent statements — the former is a short update of my life, the latter the topic of this piece. Now that I’ve gotten your attention, let’s talk productivity.


Alexander Pang

Just a 20 year old Medical student in love with travelling, literature and history!

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